Hoping to give our 18lb cat a dry place outside on snowy/ windy days.
I am looking for a baby gate,that I can use for my cat.Shelley
Hi there, I've written a post for a twin mattress and frame but would also be open to an inflatable mattress as I'm in need of this ASAP. thanks so much!
I require two or four Panasonic (preferably) speaker stands, thank you in advance.
Hi there, I'm in search of a twin mattress and bed frame and/or box spring in good condition. I'm looking to pick it up Wednesday evening, Thursday or Friday. Could do it this weekend as well. If you are able to drop it off not too far from Elliot and Church, I'd really appreciate it. If you have any clean bedding, namely a comforter, that would be a great help, too. Thanks!
I'm looking for a large garbage can or plastic tote. Thanks!
Ladies slippers needed. The kind with the hard bottoms. Size 8 to 8 1/2.
Our Lions Club is looking for a Santa suit. If you have one email me please. I would be happy to come & pick it up. Thank you
Looking for preferable black UGG boots or similar.Girls size 9
Looking for size 11 waterproof winter boots. I had a brand new pair that were 2 months old and they got stolen last year!
Looking for a womens' down walking jacket for the winter. Knee Length
Looking for white xmas lights for our xmas tree.
willing to swap 17inch for 15 inch
I recently was gifted a Canon Power Shot S95 camera but without a charger. If you happen to have one collecting dust that functions, I would love to put it to good use! Thank you in advance, Francesca
Our Lions Club is looking for a Santa suit. If you have one email me please. I would be happy to come & pick it up. Thank you
I need a childrens bathrobe, size 4t or larger, in white or light tan/brown.
I'm trying to gently scare off some squirrels that have built a nest in the wall under an eve on my porch. I'd really rather not buy a whole box; 4-6 balls would do.
We are putting on a musical with a limited budget and desperately need 1950's clothes!
I'm looking for any felt (even scraps!) or craft supplies for a project I am working on. If you have anything lying around that you're not using, I'd be grateful to take it off your hands. Thanks in advance!
Please help me find a door before it gets cold. I was freezing in my apartment last winter because the foyer is so drafty (it's uninsulated, unheated, and there is a big gap under the door). A door on it would solve the problem. There's a doorway already set up to hold a door, but the door is missing. Any door that is 30 inches by 76 inches or bigger will do! I can trim it down to fit (if it's ...
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